Content writing for your website is an art of capturing your target audience attention by implementing various content writing techniques. Content writing must be a story-telling process with character, conflict and solution.

The characters are the target audience of your business, the conflict relates to the various requirements with respect to your business and the solution describes – how your business service can give solution to your target audience requirements.

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Content Writing Techniques

Effective Content Writing Techniques

Begin with a brilliant Heading – first step towards content writing techniques

Your heading tag is the starting point for your content. The heading tag must be the first one to capture your target audience attention and encourage them to further read on the content that follows after the heading.

Build up Creative Character, Conflict, Solution

The content must have characters – you can relate it to your target audience for your business service. The conflicts are the problems or requirements faced by your customers/target audience. You are giving the solutions to such requirements through your business service. Hence relate your business service benefits for your customers.

Organize the Content with Story-telling style

Content writing techniques for your business, involve your content to relate in a natural story-telling process to your target audience, to your customers that encourages them to understand

  • what you can do for them
  • what solution are you giving through your business service

Content must be Knowledge Sharing

Give elaborate details about your content that can be a very good knowledge base for your target audience. This would give confidence to your target audience about the knowledge you have with respect to your business service. Knowledge sharing encourages your customers to connect with you for their requirements and hence find a solution for their business.

Content must be free from Grammatical Errors

You need to have clarity in your content without any grammar mistake. As well, the content must have a flow of logical build-up around your web page content goal. Go for active voice framed sentences that is nothing but short sentences having clarity in their narration.

Content must follow EAT – important factor of content writing techniques

EAT stands for Expert, Authority and Trust. EAT algorithm is a Google Algorithm update. This is the most effective content writing techniques to be followed by every web page online. The content must be EAT based that is coming out from experts having authority giving trustworthy content. This gives the confidence and encouragement for your target audience to visit your website often thus increasing the user session for your web page

Content writing helps all along with your business website SEO process and Social Media Marketing Content Strategy to upscale your search engine ranking. You are readily available in SERP right when your target audience/customers are searching for your business service or products.