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What is Storytelling process in SEO?

Storytelling is a creative art of relating a narrative about your business services and solutions to your target audience through your website that encourages them to build a relationship with your business.

Storytelling forms a bridge between great user-experience and friendly search engine experience.

Your website is the doorway for your customers to connect with your business. In order to connect with your customers, you need to engage your website content in a story-telling medium.

  1. The Brand Story

Motivate your audience to engage with your brand by bringing up narratives about your brand. Narrate the brand story to explain what your brand stands for, what does it convey to its target audience.

  • Build character, conflict, resolution

Your website content must be able to relate to the target audience.

  • Empathize with your target audience

Think like your audience by empathizing with their thought process when they are searching for the service or product or the content that your business is ready to give.

  • Structure your content

Storytelling content is the best consumable content for the visitors to your website. Yes, accepted! But you should structure the content in such a way that form like small chunks of a yummy dessert that are nice to taste and should be consumed with interest and passion.

Content revolving around one target keyword must be adventurous to be explored more, thus ensuring a long session of the visitor to your web content.

  • Trending content

Your target audience is interested in getting solution or resolving trending problems related to your business service. Your content must be the solution for you’re the issues or requirements of your customers.

Provide good user-experience with trending content revolving around your business service. Visit and understand what are the trending questions related to your business service.

  • Optimize the content

Optimize your website content that has easy readability giving great user-experience.

  • Easy update of the content in future

The website content has gained ranking naturally over a period of time. New updates with respect to each service keep developing. You must be able to update your current content with new trends existing with respect to your business service.

  • Make your way to Featured Snippet

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